Women’s Rights

As a City Council Member, John Doyle will fight fervently against systemic sexism. He will continue to stand unequivocally opposed to the unfair practices of wage inequality and workplace discrimination that disadvantages women. John will continue to emphasize the importance of women’s access to healthcare, and  will pledge his vote to ensure that the funding of Planned Parenthood is protected in New York City. He will fight to preserve the precedent set in Roe v. Wade, and the continued accessibility of safe and affordable reproductive healthcare options.

John will strive to pass legislation in the City Council to make wages transparent, forcing employers to be held accountable for hidden gender-based wage gaps. This is an attainable goal that will make it more difficult for employers to hide unfair pay discrimination practices. John also recognizes that childcare is a tremendous expense for families, and will work to make daycare and universal Pre-K accessible for all families. He will use his power in the City Council to identify and tear down the policies that make the persistent unequal treatment of women possible, with a goal of fundamental human rights for all.

For his commitment to making sure women’s healthcare is accessible and affordable to all, John Doyle has received a 100% from Planned Parenthood NYC.