Quality transportation is one of the most imperative issues in a bustling urban environment. Our council district contains a diverse mixture of neighborhood travel options but faces many challenges, including the existence of public transportation deserts and the bustling roads that often remain overcrowded and underpaved. People, especially the young, are leaving this district because of the unbearable transit times to their places of work (commutes from our district to Manhattan are among the longest in the city, sometimes reaching 90 minutes or more). Improving our infrastructure while helping our transportation deserts get the support they need are key priorities that deserve a committed advocate for the community. We need to cut commute times, not obfuscate and just shift the burdens of travelling without addressing the commute time itself.

As council member, John’s guiding principles on transportation will include the following:

  • John will work with city and state officials to resolve the impasse around Co-op City on I-95 and the Hutchinson River Parkway. This impasse is one of the most significant drivers of traffic congestion in the East Bronx. John worked on the East Bronx Traffic Coalition and is committed towards directing city funding to resolve this problem.
  • With proposed Metro North stops at both Morris Park and Parkchester/Van Nest, John will advocate for Bronx residents to have the same Park for Ride access that Westchester and Staten Island residents currently enjoy.
  • John vigorously supports the expansion of the new Citywide Ferry Service to include coastal communities within the district. Currently, the city’s plan only includes Soundview, but John will demand an examination of all options, including the potential expansion of services to include Throggs Neck and City Island/Orchard Beach.
  • John will provide continuous oversight to maintain bus reliability for all residents, including intra and inter borough bus routes
  • John understands that Pelham Bay Station serves as the gateway to our community.  He’s alarmed by its current condition and his number 1 pledge as Council Member is to allocate funds to modernize the station and improve its appearance. Furthermore he wants to improve the traffic pattern within the station by making the overpasses at Westchester and Wikinson Avenues two way streets thus alleviating some of the traffic buildup within the station itself.

  • Making sure the Bronx isn’t left out of new transportation projects-
    While the Governor pushed the first phase of the Second Avenue subway and the Mayor has proposed a $2.5 Billion Brooklyn-Queens trolley that will largely commute through gentrified neighborhoods, John recognizes the growth of our borough requires that we have a seat at the table. Instead John will push for the City to adopt the Triboro Plan. The plan would provide direct access for Bronx residents to Queens and Brooklyn and dramatically cut commute times by 20-30 minutes for Morris Park, Pelham Bay and City Island residents. This line is estimated at between $1 to 2 billion.
  • Improve Traffic Congestion On Pelham Parkway- John recognizes that traffic along Pelham Parkway, particularly on Eastchester Road, is a nightmare during rush hour. He’ll fight to finally extend Bassett Avenue to Pelham Parkway, alleviating traffic congestion.