Doyle Secures Needed Safety Improvements for Morris Park & Van Nest

Speed Humps and Additional Lighting Will Protect Bronx Residents.

Bronx, New York-   John Doyle, Democratic candidate for New York City Council in the 13th District, announced today that he was successful in securing a speed hump for Rhinelander Avenue between Eastchester Road and Stillwell Avenue, as well as additional lighting along Bronxdale Avenue between East Tremont Avenue and Morris Park Avenue.  These were responses to complaints Mr. Doyle received from Morris Park and Van Nest Area residents over the last year.

The speed hump request for Rhinelander Avenue came from Elaine Radisch in early 2016, a Morris Park resident who has been concerned for some time that Rhinelander Avenue has become a speedway for automobiles and tow trucks departing from the industrial businesses on Stillwell Avenue.   The location is also home to Icahn Charter School and is a highly trafficked location for pedestrians.

“I want to thank John Doyle for his efforts in getting a speed hump for Rhinelander Avenue between Eastchester Road and Stillwell Avenue.  For many years cars have been speeding up the street, trying to catch the green light at the corner.  This is a crowded block with private houses, apartment buildings and a school – and the speed hump is a welcome addition to helping slow down cars and keep the neighborhood safe,” said Ms. Radisch, a long time resident of Morris Park.

The request for additional street lamps on Bronxdale Avenue came from a discussion Doyle had with members of the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance, a community based organization that deals with many quality of life issues in the Van Nest community.

“We want to thank John Doyle for taking speedy initiative in this situation! This has been an unsafe path for many years where many families walked with their children. The dimly lit sidewalks, especially under the train tressle, was an unsafe area. Thank you, John, for being concerned with public safety and doing something about it by getting new lighting throughout!” said Bernadette Ferrera, President of the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance.

“Public safety is at the very core of the responsibility of being an elected official,” said Mr. Doyle. “These improvements are important to our community and I’m pleased to be able to facilitate their installation.  If elected, my very first task in office will be to assemble a top-notch constituent service operation that handles these types of requests.   I’m disappointed that some elected officials do not already have these services set up for their constituents, as such operations are literally life savers.”

Mr. Doyle also noted that transportation is one of the top issues in the 13th Council District, and he was the first candidate to lay out a detailed plan as to what he would do in office and has secured numerous transportation improvements in the past.     Additionally, he has started a petition calling on City Hall to finally fund the extension of Bassett Avenue to reduce traffic congestion along Eastchester Road in Morris Park.

“At the end of this race, I would like to be known to my constituents as the ‘Transportation Candidate’”said Mr. Doyle.

The speed hump was recently installed on Rhinelander.  The street lamps are due to be installed in the fall of this year.

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