Jobs / The Economy

A key, and very unfortunate, feature of much of the middle-class economic experience in recent years is insecurity. With Washington gridlocked, an opportunity has emerged for local government to envision innovative ideas to help middle class people, and those striving to get into the middle class, achieve their dreams.
As such, John will:

  • Support legislation that allows small business owners to be able to apply for a substantial reduction in city fines that do not endanger public safety if the violations are quickly corrected.
  • Fight for the vitality of our commercial strips. Every neighborhood needs strong commercial strips, and those very corridors need a vital community full of stakeholders, and customers, who support them and are vested in the area’s success.
  • Support efforts that are underway to give homeowners an annual rebate on their property tax bills to put more money into their pockets, not the tax coffers.
  • Work to expand afterschool programs to improve education and, in turn, opportunity. He will fight keep school buildings open way beyond the school day, during summers and on weekends for recreation and educational programs for children and adults.
  • Fighting for good public transportation, seeking to end our transportation deserts so that people can get to and from work in a quick and affordable ways.
  • Support legislation that create fairness and justice for all workers, helping to strengthen workers’ hands. John respects the rights of workers to join unions if they choose. He has seen the positive effect unions have as institutions that support and help build and empower the middle class.
  • Battle to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour for all workers. John supports the Fight for 15 for ALL WORKERS to combat large cost of living increases, including soaring rents and rising food prices.
  •  Passing the “Small Business Survival Act” to help secure small businesses long-term leases of up to 10 year at fair rates in areas where commercial rents are rising. Recent news that several long standing businesses in Pelham Bay are being forced out disturb John and he believes that businesses must pay fair rent, and not be at the mercy of usurious landlords who do not care about the fabric of our neighborhoods.