One of the key challenges facing our district is the need to protect our neighborhoods for the middle class while ensuring that each resident has a decent and dignified quality of life. In an insecure economic climate, a home is one of the few things that people can count on, whether in a house or in an apartment complex. John is determined to protect and defend the quality of life of all residents of the district while fighting to provide opportunities for all people to live securely and safely.

As council member, John’s guiding principles on housing will include the following:

  • John will work to provide increased opportunities for quality housing to some of the most vulnerable residents of the district, especially seniors and veterans. Seniors, especially widowed seniors, must know that they will have an advocate in government focused on their security.
  • John will fight to ensure that current district residents are prioritized in the case of any new housing construction projects. Any construction in the district must remain contextual in terms of zoning and remain consistent with current AMI levels. John recently spoke at a communityboard hearing against Mayor De Blasio’s “Zoning for Quality and Affordability” proposal.
  • John will strive to maintain security for tenants by fighting any proposal that allows landlords to dramatically raise rents and will make it easier for tenants to apply for DRIE or SCRIE when applicable.  Tenants deserve not to be blindsided by injurious rent increases, and John is committed to tenants’ rights and will help organize efforts by tenants to assure that their rights will not be infringed.
  • John will fight to ensure that there is greater continuity between utility providers in apartment complexes. No building should scrimp on necessary and valuable amenities such as doorbells and mailboxes, and John will help enforce that each tenant is provided with everything they need.
  • John will vigorously defend the efforts of our civil servants to keep our neighborhoods safe, secure, and clean. John understands the link between quality of life issues and property values, which are one of the few guarantees of economic security. John will to ensure fuller transparency in how homes are assessed and believes that your home should not be assessed for property taxes at a higher rate than their homes are valued at for selling purposes.
  • John supports efforts that are underway to provide homeowners an annual rebate based on their property tax bill and an expansion of the STAR program. John also supports fairness in how the city’s property tax is applied. You should be taxed the same for owning a home in Morris Park as you would in Park Slope.
    Additionally, the caps on tax incentive programs such as the Senior Citizen and Disabled Homeowners’ Exemptions should be raised to reflect today’s realities of today’s income levels.