Preserving and Expanding Healthcare

As a longtime employee of NYC Health + Hospital system, John knows the value and necessity of a good public healthcare system. As city councilman, he will continue the fight to improve and expand our access and care so that all New Yorkers have the ability to excellent and affordable care.
For the last five years, John Doyle has been a Director of Public Affairs at NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi.  In this position he has directed the production of dozens of news articles highlighting the incredible work of our public hospital system.

  • John helped secure over $1 million to start a hospital-based CureViolence program at Jacobi.  The program (the first of its kind in the United States) has been an enormous success and helped reduce violent crime by over 50% in the areas it operates out of.
  • He spearheaded the effort to make Jacobi a more pedestrian friendly campus, installing signage, road markings, eight speed humps and other narrowing measures to protect the lives of patients, visitors, and staff.
  • John has strong roots in the NYC Health + Hospitals system: his mother was a Respiratory Therapist (and DC37 member) at Jacobi and his sister is a nurse there now ( and a member of NYSNA).  John will stand up and fight any attempts by Mayor de Blasio and his administration make cuts to our healthcare system.
  • John is a strong supporter of nursing-to-patient ratio staffing requirements. With two sisters in the profession, he thinks it’s outrageous that they are expected to care for 10 patients at a time. We should have legislation in place to create mandatory minimum staffing ratios to protect not only the well-being and quality of our nursing staff, but such legislation would also improve the quality of care and treatment patients will receive.
  • John believes we need to put patients at the center all of our healthcare efforts, not profits. Nobody should be profiteering at the expense of quality healthcare, and reducing patients and treatments to tallies in a ledger removes hospitals from the core mission of protecting the public and improving people’s wellbeing.  People are more than statistics, and our doctors, nurses, and care providers ensure they get the individual care they need.

John was asked at the Throggs Neck Homeowner forum on June 27th, 2017 what he thought about the council giving itself a 33% pay raise. John believes leaders must lead by example, and should not be giving themselves raises while making major cuts to our public hospitals that hurt the our city.