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MAYOR DEBLASIO: Sound-Proof the Shooting Range at Rodman’s Neck

NYC Keep Your Promise.

In 1993, then-Mayor David Dinkins signed a memorandum of understanding with the New York State Legislature pledging that the shooting range at Rodman’s Neck would have sound baffling installed on site within a year. Nearly twenty-five years later, the sound continues unabated; indeed it is even louder. Over the years, we have had new Mayors and new administrations, and promises have continued to be made — including that of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to relocate the range– but none of them have been kept.

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NYCHA- Donate Excess Land to Help Pelham Bay’s Overcrowded Schools


Dear Chair Olatoye, CEO Grillo and Chancellor Farina-

We, the understated, petition you today to urge your reconsideration of a proposal to put a 270-seat Early Childhood Facility at Pelham Parkway South and Continental Avenue.   We believe the site you have selected is inappropriate for a variety of reasons (layed out below) and would instead urge that relocate the site to NYCHA operated property behind 3033 Middletown Road, Bronx NY 10461.

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MTA- Expand City Island Bus Service and Make it Reliable!

For several years City Island residents have been forced to live with a Bx29 bus that is unreliable. It is not uncommon for the bus to run entirely off schedule by or not to show at all. For people who must be at work off the Island at a specific time, this inconsistency has wreaked havoc and in some cases threatened their employment.

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City Hall – Fully Fund the Extension of Bassett Avenue to Pelham Parkway!

Two years ago, the NYC Department of City Planning released a study encouraging New York City to extend Bassett Avenue to Pelham Parkway. This would greatly reduce the congestion that currently exists for many hours along Stillwell Avenue. That said, nothing has been done and there’s no commitment yet to fund it in the City budget. That’s wrong!

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