Ethical Accessible Government

2016_11_01_SM_Box_PayraiseJohn understands that the public’s confidence in government has waned in recent years. City residents want to be involved in improving their communities and need to see the same level of commitment from their elected officials.

As Councilman, on his first day in office John will institute the following steps to bring the people’s government directly to his constituents:

  • John will institute Participatory Budgeting in the 13th District giving residents a direct say in how their tax dollars are spent in their community.
  • He will hold town hall meetings within every community of the 13th District annually.  This will allow residents to bring their concerns directly to their local representative each year.
  • You deserve to know how your Council Member spends their time!  John will release his government schedule on his website so you can see how he’s prioritizing his time as YOUR representative.
  • John’s not in this for money.  He will not accept the 32% pay raise the Council voted for itself.

None of these policies require a new law to pass.  All it takes is the commitment to get it done.   John will make it happen.