Protecting Our Environment

We live in communities blessed with potential, where several generations over have raised their families. Many of our neighborhoods are connected directly to the waterfront and Untitled-1other natural assets.  But government at all levels has neglected opportunities to take advantage of the full possibilities of our local environment.

John Doyle has been working his whole life to strengthen our neighborhoods—and has a specific set of plans to make our communities more sustainable.


John Doyle has put environmental justice front and center in his service to our community.

    • While working in the State Senate, John successfully pushed the State Department of Environmental Conservation to measure emissions near the Throggs Neck and Whitestone Bridges and oversaw health testing of tenants in lead positive buildings.
  • He also brought together the NYS Department of Transportation, the NY Restoration Project and Edgewater Park residents to get trees planted as a barrier between the roadway and the highway.
  • As a member of Governor Cuomo’s NY Rising Committee for the East Bronx, John championed resiliency improvements for every community and geared the $4.5 million budget towards brick and mortar construction—not another wasted study that will sit on a shelf for eternity.
  • He fought the city tooth and nail to get them to keep their word on finally constructing Belden Point Park, and continues to be a leader in the fight to transfer Hart Island over to the Parks Department.
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env_social_waterfJohn has a detailed plan to preserve our environment, protect our access to natural resources and support sustainable economic development. As Councilmember, he’ll prioritize :

    • Preserving our natural areas by fighting Climate Change.  John will support any and all efforts to divest NYC funds from fossil fuel companies and instead invest in renewable clean energy sources that do not add to our city’s carbon footprint.
  • Working with our community residents to have open, accessible waterfront areas in every neighborhood.  While not every opportunity will be appropriate, we can provide secure and safe areas that benefit everyone in our community.
  • Funding programming that connects our youth to the waterways around them. John will work with our Nautical Communities (including SUNY Maritime and the Yacht Clubs throughout Eastchester Bay) to develop programing that educates our children on the importance of our unique natural resources.
  • Being a watchdog for Public Access. When developers come into our area and make promises about public access to our waterways. John will make sure those promises are documented and enforced.
  • Addressing the derelict vessels within Eastchester Bay.  Dozens of boats float up on the shores of Throggs Neck, Country Club, Edgewater and City Island each year.  In some cases, the fuel tanks rupture polluting our waterways.  John will work with our state and city agencies as well as our elected officials to develop protections for boaters and more stringent penalties for those who treat our natural environment as their pigsty.
  • Providing a budget to match our commitment.  John will allocate a substantial portion of the District’s capital budget towards a green energy/sustainability project each year.   Through Participatory Budgeting, voters will help choose an appropriate project.
  • Transforming Public Land into Beacons of Renewable Energy.  The former Pelham Bay Landfill has long been a blight on our community. The uses for this site are limited because waste stored within the site is capped by a permeable membrane,. John will push the Parks Department to create a solar site on the landfill itself. Any funds generated by excess energy could be directed towards the “Friends of Pelham Bay Park” to fund their programing or additional Parks amenities and priorities (such as Parks Enforcement Patrol agents).
  • env_social_boyleRenovating Throggs Neck’s Derosa O’Boyle Triangle into a renovated park so it can be a source of pride within the community.  With the exception of Veterans Memorial Park, which one would need to cross a highway to reach, there is no accessible parkland for Throggs Neck residents within their own community.  That’s wrong.  John will work to develop the Triangle—which is surrounded by a public school, library, senior housing, and a firehouse—into an amenity as great as Throggs Neck itself.  He will also advocate on all levels of government to consider decking over part of the interstate to expand on this endeavor.
  • Helping to pioneer urban agriculture.   Despite the sincere efforts of many, the Bronx remains the unhealthiest county in our State. John will work with his colleagues at all level of government to pioneer a local food coordinator program for our borough, to bring in nutritional educational classes and urban agriculture development in cooperation with our local schools and community outreach.  As our borough continues to be inundated by fast food restaurants, we need a substantial investment by all levels of government to turn the tide.
  • Promoting Equity throughout the Parks System.  Many of Bronx parks lack funding for basic services while certain parks in other boroughs have excess funds and security.   John will champion Parks Equity so areas in need of renovation are addressed and parks that have been long neglected, like Ferry Point Park, finally get their fair share.
  • Given the Bronx’s high asthma rates and the fact that nearly 33% of all NYC waste is dumped in our borough, John supports efforts to require greater equity in where this material is stored.  He remembers that our district was once a dumping ground for the City’s elite and he believes it’s simply unfair that the Bronx is shouldering other borough’s burdens. He will champion legislative efforts to change this paradigm.
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